Ethiopia Guji

Ethiopia Guji

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Bright and balanced, Guji is gonna take your taste buds on a sweet, crazy ride.

Last year, we carried the natural Guji from this same farm in Ethiopia and we loved it so much. This time around, we decided to go for the washed version of the same coffee and the difference is huge! You fell in love with the deep, berry-like tastes of the natural, but this coffee is wild - distinctly sweet like key lime pie, floral like earl grey tea, and a balanced body. When you're ready for an adventure and a dang good cup of coffee, try this one! Recommend brewing in Chemex or Kalita Wave.


Origin: Hambela farm, Guji, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1900-2200 MASL

Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom

Cupping Notes: key lime, citrus, floral, earl grey, bright, balanced