Ethiopia Gedeb Natural

Ethiopia Gedeb Natural

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This one's a fruit bomb!

This coffee hails from METAD in Gedeb, Ethiopia, which is a family company that employs 28 people and some 700 seasonal employees.

The natural process highlights the way that coffee has historically been produced in East Africa, preserving the natural flavors of the coffee cherries. We're getting all kinds of bright, fruity notes in the Gedeb Natural. With a swirl of exciting flavors it's definitely a coffee for the enthusiast. 

Recommended brewing in an Aeropress or Kalita Wave.

Origin: Gedeb, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia


Process: Natural

Altitude: 1770-2200 MASL

Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars

Cupping / Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Lemon, Kiwi, Bright, Wild, Sweet