How To Make a Chemex For Two

Most mornings, I wake up early, groggily let the dogs outside, heat up my water kettle, and make a single cup of coffee with my Kalita Wave. I've really grown to liking coffee out of a Kalita Wave the most, because it yields a really balanced cup.

But some mornings, usually on weekends, my wife and I wake up around the same time. Because it's a weekend, I don't usually feel like making two pourovers back-to-back, so I whip out the ol' trusty Chemex.

Brewing larger batches of coffee is easier in a Chemex than other manual drippers, because the vessel is larger and better suited for a large batch.

If you regularly brew with a Chemex and need a good recipe for a 2-person batch, this is the same recipe I use.

Grab your kettle and scale, here you go!

Chemex For Two Recipe


• Scale

• 670 grams of water

• Grinder

• 42 grams of coffee


1. Heat a full kettle of water to 207 degrees.

2. Measure out 42g of coffee on your scale.

3. Grind your coffee on a coarse setting (typically about 24-25 on a Baratza Virtuoso.)

4. While your coffee is grinding, place your filter in the top of the Chemex and presoak it with hot water. Discard the water in the bottom of the Chemex (it tastes papery!)

5. Once coffee has finished grinding, pour the grounds into the Chemex filter in the top of the Chemex.

6. TARE your scale, start your timer and pour 70g of hot water onto the grounds. Then, wait a few seconds.

7. At :35, pour in steady, concentric circles until your scale reads 320g. Wait about a minute.

(*Tip. At this point, I like to heat my water back up just a bit while I wait.)

8. At 1:55-2:00, you can resume your pour. Pour the remaining 350 grams of water steadily, in concentric circles over the grounds until your scale reads 670g. You are done!

9. Your coffee should finish brewing around 4:00.

10. This recipe yields approximately two 12 oz cups of coffee. Sip easy!


Have any questions? Do you brew a bit differently? Feel free to comment below! Thanks for checking this out.

(For a coffee that brews great in a Chemex, check out our Costa Rica Tirra Natural or Ethiopia Guji.)