About Us

Our city, Florence, South Carolina, has been growing quickly over the last 10 years. As coffee shop owners, we noticed that coffee shops were popping up throughout the city, but most were buying their beans from roasters far away. Increasingly, we saw the need for a great local coffee roaster to deliver consistent, outstanding coffee. Like you, we wanted to drink exceptional coffee from a company that we are proud to call local.


So in 2017, we learned how to roast coffee, refusing to settle for average standards. Now we're roasting coffee that Florence locals can take pride in drinking and that helps them start their days in excellent fashion.


We believe your morning coffee should be excellent. While coffee may not be the most important thing in your day, it's a crucial part of your day that jump-starts everything else you do. An excellent coffee experience in the morning tends to yield an excellent day. This is why your coffee should be more than “ok,” it should be excellent.



Tommy Bolger - Owner/Founder
Jeff Felten - Owner/Founder