How To Make An Iced Pourover (Flash Brew)

Nothing beats a cup of iced coffee on a hot afternoon. At home, brewing a cup of hot coffee and pouring it over ice just doesn't seem to cut it.

Have you ever considered trying an iced pourover (sometimes referred to as flash brew), but were unsure of how to do it?  In this tutorial, we are going to give you a repeatable way for making a refreshing iced pourover so you can sweat less and sip more enjoyably!

What You Need

  • 25 grams of coffee (we're using Ethiopia Guji)
  • 268 grams of water
  • 132 grams of ice
  • Kalita Wave 185 dripper
  • Grinder
  • Scale


Step One - Measure/Grind

Measure out 25 grams of coffee and grind a step or two finer than you normally would. For a Baratza Encore, we grind at setting 16 for this.


Step Two - Presoak

Presoak your filter just like you usually would. This helps to ensure that your coffee won't taste like paper!


Step Three - Add Ice

Place your glass server on the scale and TARE the scale. When the scale reads '0', add 132 grams of ice (or as close as you can get to it).


Step Four - Add Coffee

Place your dripper back on top of the glass server and add your ground coffee into it.


Step Five - Start Brewing!

Begin by pressing TARE on your scale again so that all reads '0'. Start your timer and slowly pour 65 grams of water onto your grounds.


Step Six - Repeat

At :30, pour again slowly until your scale reads 130 grams.

At 1:00, pour again until your scale reads 200 grams. 

At 1:30, pour finally until your scale reads 268 grams.


Step Seven - Finish

You should finish pouring at about the 1:45 mark and your total brew time should be around 2:30-2:45.

All that's left now is to pour your brew over a cold glass of ice!

Flash brewing like this is really good for bright, fruity coffees because it locks in some of those great flavors in ways that other methods of cold coffee can't do. Sometimes they can take on an iced tea-like character. We really like to use our Kenya Kirinyaga or Ethiopia Guji for these drinks.

Hope this helps you, now go beat the heat!

Check out the store for coffees that are great with ice.

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