How Does Coffee Inspire You?

Great coffee is inspiring, whether you've grown to love all of the little, pure nuances of specialty coffee or you love the simplicity of a delicious, warm cup in your hands plus 2 creams and 3 sugars.

For some, inspiration comes from thinking about what's in the cup, how it got there, and why it tastes the way it does. Here, everything matters - from origin and elevation of the farm to processing and all the way to a meticulously specific brew. It's inspiring to think about what has happened to these little seeds to make it all the way into your cup. Coffee simply cannot just be a commodity. It must have meaning and the deeper we dive into this world, the more alive it becomes.

For others, the inspiration comes from having that warm, tasty coffee in your hands while watching the birds from your front porch or reading the paper. You're not really interested in whether the coffee is washed, natural or honey-processed, but believe it or not, that cup of coffee matters to you. You draw your inspiration from the simplicity of its goodness while observing the world around you and once you've got that inspiration, you really can conquer the world.

So drink it up, we need you to take on the world every day. There's something inspiring about what you enjoy about good coffee, no matter how you enjoy it.

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