Colombia La Reserva

Colombia La Reserva

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This coffee is a story of struggle, success, and what's possible with perseverance.

Located in Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia, half of this farm's land lies within a nature preserve and is full of a wide diversity of plants and wildlife. The other half of this land was practically left to ruin by previous owners who couldn't maintain the land due to low coffee prices.

The land has now been taken over by Juan Felipe, who looked past the abandoned plots and saw the potential of this farm. With fertile soil, high altitudes, and hard work, Felipe has breathed new life into this farm!

This coffee is roasted lightly but its intriguing flavors give it tons of depth. At first, you'll taste notes similar to gingerbread, and as the coffee cools you'll get sweeter notes of apple and pear - with a subtle reminder of cherry cola throughout the cup. 

Recommended brewing in a Chemex or Kalita Wave.

Origin: Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia, Colombia

Farm: La Reserva

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1600-2000 MASL

Varietal: Caturra & Colombia

Cupping / Tasting Notes: Apple, Pear, Cola, Gingerbread, Sweet, Full-Bodied