*** Out of Stock *** Rwanda - Ibisi Mountain

*** Out of Stock *** Rwanda - Ibisi Mountain

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The hills are alive with this floral, bright coffee from Southern Rwanda!

Ibisi Mountain Hills washing station is located in the hills of Southern Rwanda, just a short drive from the Nyungwe Forest, which has been traced as the source of the Nile River.

Bernard U
witije, a native of the area, had been trading non-washed Ordinary coffee up until 
2015, when he realized the potential for fully washed specialty grade coffee. 

The potential shows in each cup of this Rwandan gem!

Origin: Nyamagabe, Rwanda

Farm: Ibisi Mountain Hills

Process: Fully-washed

Altitude: 1700

Varietal: Red bourbon

Cupping / Tasting Notes: Apricot, floral, honey