Brazil Sul de Minas

Brazil Sul de Minas

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Deep, "comforting", and inviting this Brazil Sul de Minas is a classic every-day-drinker.

This coffee comes from a thriving family farm in Brazil, operated by Dr. Fabio Araujo Reis and his two sons. Their careful, meticulous practices are evident in this beautiful coffee.

With a smooth, silky body and  low-acidity that is characteristic of natural Brazilian coffees, you've got a classic cup of deep flavors that you can drink over and over and over again.

Recommended brewing in an Aeropress or Kalita Wave.

Origin: Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais

Farm: Fazenda Do Salto

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1140 MASL

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Icatu

Cupping / Tasting Notes: Nutty, Brown Sugar, Smooth, Caramel, Buttery, Silky